Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sing Me a Song

Sing me a song of the morning dew
That sparkles in your gaze as I look at you
Sing me a song of the clear blue sky
The color of love that gleams in your eye
Sing me a song of the young and free
The way that once we used to be

Sing me a gentle serenade
Born of a love that’s heaven-made
Hum a soulful melody
Written for only you and me
Sing me the whisper that stirs in your soul
Sing like a lover would sing to his girl

Oh, sing of a valley, fertile and green
Sing with the freedom of seventeen
Sing with the passion of summer's wind
Sing with abandonment, cares left behind
Sing me a song understood by few
Like the very first time I looked at you

All rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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