Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Why Do I Still Doubt?

Before I took my first wee breath
You numbered every day
The hour of life, the hour of death
You wrote each ‘come what may’
You know my every rise and fall
Perceive my every thought
You are familiar with all
The works my hands have wrought

Before a word slips off my tongue
Already Lord, You know it
You saw my body, still unformed
Yet saw fit to allow it
You knew my foolishness and pride
Yet wove me far above
For You knew I could not hide
From everlasting love

No darkness is too dark for You
No dungeon is too deep
No one escapes Your tender view
As loving guard You keep
All my days were written down
Before one came about
The author of them, Heaven’s Own
Lord, why do I still doubt?

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Psalms 139

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