Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I Am Your Father

You know the truth, I bow before you
With my good intentions I disobey you
Tears of shame stream down my face
You forgive with love and grace
Why, do you love me, tell me why
"Because I’m your Father," was His reply

When you become a child of mine
Washed in holy blood divine
No one can pluck you from My hand
Can I make you understand?
Love is a bond you cannot sever
You are my child; I’m your Father forever

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

....and no man is able to pluck them
from My Father's hand. John 10:29

When I read I get INTO the story!!!
The kids have gotten to know..uh-oh,
Here goes mom (in a sad part)
We are reading the story of Joseph
In our devotions at supper.
That story has a few parts that get me
When Joseph asks his brothers about his father…
and when they come before him, trembling and afraid
and he tells them “I am your brother”!!!
I can’t really explain it….
my mind goes to other places all at the same time.
I saw myself before God and He was saying,
"Don't be afraid, I am your Father"

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