Wednesday, March 3, 2010

These Things Shall Pass

These things shall pass, the toil and the hurt
Are like days of the grass, soon returned to the dirt
Tomorrow’s a mystery in a darkened glass
Today soon is history, these things shall pass

These things shall fade, the blue and the grey
The emerald and jade will all pass away
See the splendor of the lily and rose
They too must surrender and decompose

These things shall pass, life will be sweet again
After the storm, the grief and the pain
Don’t stop walking, oh you can do it
There’s One who is watching; He’ll walk you through it

Yes, these things shall pass, the lonesome road
The broken heart, the tears that flowed
Time will heal; God’s in control
Someday He’ll reveal, not the half but the whole

These things shall pass as all things do
But God’s word, never, nor His love for you
So keep the faith, for a day is as grass
Here today, gone tomorrow, these things shall pass

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

The grass withers and the flowers fall
but the word of the Lord stands forever. Isa.40:8

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