Friday, March 12, 2010

With a Prayer

Like a shadow, like a whisper
Like a perfect melody
Like a father to his daughter
Lord, You’re watching over me
I can feel your Omni- Presence
Like a tremor in the air
With a pure and holy essence
Your love enters with a prayer

God, You’re awesome
I adore you
God, I do not understand
But in awe I come
Before you
Subdued ‘neath Your mighty Hand
Lord, you know me
You deliver
And you keep me in Your care
You are every
Man’s forgiver
As you loved me with a prayer

Like a fire ever-glowing
Like a candle in the night
Like a breath of spring time blowing
Lord, You fill me with delight
As You warm me with Your favor
Undeserving of Your care
Still You are my blessed Savior
As You love me with a prayer

God, you’re awesome
Mercy flowing
From a heavenly Throne of grace
I can blossom
In the glowing
Of Your kind and tender face
God, my Father
There’s no other
Who could ever thus compare
To the glory
Of Your story
As You loved me with a prayer

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

….Father, I want those You have
Given Me to be with Me where I am
And to see My glory,
the glory You have given Me
because You loved Me before
the creation of the world.

John 17:24

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