Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Let 'em Go

Burnin’ rubber in the parking lot
Driving way too fast
Givin’ all you got
On your way to
You have no idea where
But freedom is a long highway
With the radio on
A pocket full of change
A girl on your arm
And the wind blowin’ through your hair
So you’re good and gone
Livin’ big on being young

‘cause you don’t really have a care
The gas tanks full
And you have got
your mothers prayers
And every dream is possible
Your seventeen
And wiser than you’ve ever been
Sittin’ cool
You’re nobody’s fool
And you’ve got the smell of
Spring in the air
The kiss of the sun
In her golden hair……

So I say let’ em go, sure, what’s the hurry
They still don’t know
That all too soon the arm of worry
Wraps them in a somber robe
Just around the bend
It waits, a timeless friend
Let ‘em go,before long they’ll realize
The sun is setting in their eyes
And they were driving way too fast
To get to where their freedom’s past
Where silver trades the locks of gold
Drivin’way too fast to…. gettin’ old

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

When I was out on my run tonight
they went roaring by and I said to myself....
"let 'em go..." :)

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