Monday, March 29, 2010

Crucifixion Song (or Once for All)

See Him there twixt earth and sky,
The Son of God about to die,
Upon a cross for all to see
While hatred screams her victory,
Love and hate, hope and fear,
Set to fight its battle here,
Who will lose and who will win?
Who will conquer power o’er sin?
As hatred raises up her cry
To curse the One about to die,
A voice rings out across the fields
As to death His Spirit yields

(Cho.) It is finished, it is done,
With these words the battle’s won,
See the power of God’s Son
As death and victory become one,
Death and victory! How can it be?
Death of one means life for me!
Saved at last from Adam’s fall,
Death of One- life for all

See Him there, the Perfect Lamb
The King of kings, THE GREAT I AM
See the One who left a Throne
To die upon a cross alone
Here is hope for all our fear,
Here is perfect love so dear,
Everlasting life in death,
Victory reigns with His last breath,
Hallelujah, how can it be?
That One so great should die for me,
Perfect love! Will you receive
His gift of grace? Will you believe? (Cho)

All his suffering bears no loss,
Heaven waits beyond the cross,
Our freedom from the curse of sin
As we gain new life within
Signed and sealed with Holy blood
Written by the hand of God
Pierced for every sin of man
Love fulfills salvation's plan
As the streams of mercy flow
He forgives each hateful blow
Death of One has paid the price
Jesus- Holy Sacrifice

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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