Monday, March 29, 2010

For Him

He left the splendor of a thousand suns
To walk a cold dark hill
He left an eternity of perfection
To obey His Father’s will
He knelt alone in the garden
In the hours before His death
To plea for our pardon
With his last prayer and breath

I can’t get my mind around it
My understanding is dim
As I think about all He has done for me
I ask, what have I done for Him?

He spread His arms on cruel timber
To embrace a dying world
As the mobs cursed Him in anger
Love’s redemption He unfurled
And the banner of his mercy
Never wavers from its place
To each one who bows beneath it
He bestows amazing grace

I simply cannot comprehend it
Love pours from each perfect limb
Upon a world in hatred blinded
I cry, what have I done for Him?

The blood that flowed in scarlet rivers
In that dark and lonely hour
Through the ages, flows for sinners
It will never lose its power
As the perfect Rose of heaven
Watched the ruby petals fall
Hope was born, a Savior’s passion
Sealed redemption for us all

Only Jesus, there’s no other
Who forgives us for each sin
Nothing sweeter than His offering
Oh, what can I do for Him?

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

and Jesus said,
"inasmuch as you have done it
to the least of these
you have done it unto me. Matt.25:40

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