Sunday, March 21, 2010

Greatest Show on Earth

I have the best seat in the house
Upon an emerald hill
To view the cotton clouds wind-tossed
And hear the whip-poor-will
The scent of purple violet
Permeates the air
As the God of utmost glory
Paints the earth in beauty fair

I gaze across the rippling fields
Clad in resplendent green
The fullness of the spring-time yields
A beauty seldom seen
As daffodil in golden bonnet
Stands so proud and tall
To join in spring-times wordless sonnet
In this stately hall

The apple trees have donned their wraps
Of pink and lacy white
The awed spectator softly claps
In radiant delight
For none upon this universe
Could capture or refine
This work of art, this master-piece
Wrought by a Hand divine

I have the best seat in the house
Come, sit with me awhile
To behold the Hand of God
And heavens perfect smile
A thousand shades of lustrous green
A sapphire canopy
And somewhere, kindly in between
God placed you and me

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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