Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Trampled Rose

See the brow with thorny crown
See the blood-drops on the ground
See the torn and shredded clothes
Heaven’s perfect trampled Rose

See the timber turn to red
See the tears of glory shed
See them there in crimson glows
Heaven’s perfect trampled Rose

See the tears like petals fall
Wrapping Him in bloody shawl
As His love and sorrow flows
Heaven’s perfect trampled Rose

Here the seed of hope is born
Here beneath the bloody thorn
Here salvation’s river flows
From Heaven’s perfect, trampled Rose

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

I was asked to do something for the church
bulletin I drew and
colored a large cross.
I was not expecting it to
become an emotional experience....
as I colored blood-stains on
the timber....WOW!!!!! What an incredible,
incomprehensible, loving sacrifice from


Josephine said...

This one touched me truly....Thanks for sharing this sister...The price that He paid on the cross, the love that He showed is INDESCRIBABLE...♥

Janet said...

Yes, we stand guiltless because of Him!