Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Without the Love of Jesus

Without the love of Jesus oh, how hopeless this would be
I would have no reason or desire to believe
I would be a victim of time and circumstance
Without the love of Jesus all would be but luck or chance

Without the love of Jesus where would be my hope and love?
Where would be by goal, my strength, my power when I move?
I would never know the peace beyond a fleeting dance
Without the love of Jesus I’d depend on circumstance

And hope would be a feeling as fleeting as the wind
And there would be no healing for a sad and broken mind
I would toil for nothing more than lost eternity
Without the love of Jesus there would be no victory

Thank-you for the love you give to all so full and free
Thank-you for the blood you shed for all on Calvary
Thank-you, thank-you Jesus for a love that will not die
Thank-you, thank-you Jesus, for loving such a fool as i

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Blame this one on Keith too....
and his song Thank-you...

Aw, he's singing 'If Ever I Could Love'...'ll get right on that:):)

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