Friday, March 12, 2010

Summit of your Love

I feast with faint and famished gaze

Upon the contours of your form

Drawn like a beggar to the blaze

Of passion just before the storm

Ah, my love, so long I’ve waited

Just to touch your lips, your brow

Forgiving everything I’ve hated

As I beg, come to me now

Fondly I caress the face, dear

That I’ve hungered for so long

I have found my rightful place, dear

On your shoulder, firm and strong

Here the fragments of my sorrow

Softly, slowly melt away

And the shadows of my morrow

Fade into my yesterday

In the flicker of your firelight

By the lamplight of your smile

I’d leave no regret to hindsight

Should I linger for a while

Then to melt into the moment

That, with nothing left to prove

Frees the rapture from the torment

On the summit of your love.

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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