Monday, March 29, 2010

Mary's Sorrow

Darkness falling o’er the land,
People wailing, don’t understand,
As the gloom falls thick as night,
Angry tumults view this sight

Mary, Mary softly weeping,
Vigil at His feet is keeping,
Mary, Mary, great your loss,
Mary weeping at the cross

Teardrops flowing, her heart broken,
Jesus showing mercy spoken,
Mary, Mary, see your son,
John, behold this dear woman

Mary, Mary, at the cross,
Weeping, weeping, great your loss,
Is this glory, this a throne?
Mary weeping for her Son

Mary, Mary, did you wonder
As the cold earth shook with thunder?
Is this triumph? Cruel cross,
Mary weeping for her loss

Is this the sword to pierce his soul?
Simeon’s words in days of old,
Is this victory, this great loss?
Mary weeping at the cross

Mary, Mary, ‘neath death’s tree,
Weeping there in agony,
It is finished, it is done,
Mary weeping for her Son

Mary, Mary, meek and mild,
Mary weeping for her child

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

When Jesus saw His mother there
And the disciple whom He loved nearby He said,
To His mother, “Dear woman, here is your son,” and
To the disciple, “Here is your mother’.

This verse always really touches me,
In His hour of most intense agony
He remembers His mother.

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