Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Greatest Love Song

No guitar strumming, no soft violin
No deep voice humming, no golden harp string
No grand piano or great symphony
In the greatest love song that there ever will be

No fancy words to arouse or inspire
No sensuous phrases to provoke vain desire
No glamorous stage and no wild applause
For this Greatest Love Song written on a cross

But it touches the heart like no song ever heard
To the inner-most part mans passion is stirred
Written in red on a blood-stained tree
This Greatest Love Song for you and for me

If it has not touched you then you’ve never heard
This Greatest Love Song not written with words
But written in blood by God’s only Son
Written for us is this Greatest Love Song

Red, flowed the tone in this song for man-kind
‘Thy will be done’ in this song for all time
Then “It is finished” as on the cross He hung
In the GREATEST LOVE SONG that has ever been sung

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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