Thursday, March 25, 2010

Waiting for Spring

It won’t be very long then I’ll embrace your warmth again

Fall into your beckoning arms and drink your gentle rain

You’ll unleash the sun-beams as they sparkle on the shore

Hope restored to faded dreams as spring returns once more

The cold and heartless sorrow of the night will melt away

Into your sweet tomorrow I’ll resign my yesterday

As bitter disappointment and the winter’s chastening hand

Melt into the tresses of your glorious garment grand

Restore the radiance of the sun and kiss the dreary brow

For as the winter chill moves on new life emerges now

Its icy shroud disperses as love blooms in heaven’s arms

With spring’s return cold winter melts into her tender charms

I will dance upon the shore of hope and hidden dreams

This winter gone forevermore in time’s swift-flowing streams

So soon the tide returns to sea, soon evening shades are cast

God grant me the serenity to live beyond the past

All Rights Reserved

Janet Martin

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