Saturday, March 20, 2010

Eternal Spring

At last, at last the winter’s past,
The sun is liquid gold,
In waiting hearts its utmost parts
Are no longer cold,
Gone, the wind so oft unkind,
Replaced by Heaven’s breeze,
And aching joints, sweet spring anoints
And Heaven’s laughter frees…..

….and he’ll run outside with his arms flung wide
In that eternal spring,
For there is no shadow in Heaven’s meadow,
No pain or suffering,
Where all is new ‘midst Heaven’s dew
And the Son forever shines,
No winter’s cold, no growing old
Around His throne divine

Forever spring where God is King
And where He reigns supreme,
The old life past; made new at last
In meadows lush and green,
No toil or strife where the Tree of Life
Blooms with endless yield,
Where Lord, with Thee someday we’ll be
In Spring’s eternal field

By Janet Martin

All Rights Reserved


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