Sunday, December 27, 2009

Where Worship Begins

Lord, I know that you desire the beauty of our praise
As we give You the glory for Your high and holy ways
But the music of our lips is void of truth or radiance
If we deny Your will and live in disobedience

We may shout Your wondrous power to the far and distant reaches
Of the earth, from tallest towers to the lone and wind-swept beaches
But alas, if our hearts are cold what dismal consequence
When life is past and You behold our disobedience

So let the praises of our lips simply be a pure result
Of our glorious fellowship of a Maker we exalt
For You are God, a holy God and there is recompense
If we should dare your praise to share without obedience

Take us Lord, and purify each poor and sinful heart
For only You can sanctify or know each hidden part
Teach us how to follow You without pride or pretense
For our worship must begin with our obedience

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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