Saturday, December 26, 2009

Beautiful, Beautiful Baby Boy

Beautiful, beautiful baby boy
Sent to this world to bring us joy,
Soft bleat the lamb and the cattle too
As Mary beheld this Babe so new
Kissing His cheek with her lullaby
Beautiful, beautiful baby boy

Shepherds beheld Him and wise men too
Amazed at this child, yet neither of them knew
What Mary was told by an angel above
As her heart over-flows with wonder and love
And her words and tears mingle with joy
Beautiful, beautiful baby boy

….it seems there are many who despise this Child
They cannot comprehend His manner, so mild
And the wisdom that fills each spoken word
Stirs the ill will of king and lord
But Mary would sing to this Child, her Joy
Beautiful, beautiful baby boy

Behold, who is He that is standing alone?
Hands bound, on his head a thorny crown
As they beat Him violently, chanting and jeering
Ridiculing Him, mocking Him, scorning and sneering
Is this not He who would bring us great joy?
Beautiful, beautiful baby boy

And now they have nailed Him to a cross
As Mary is weeping at her utter loss
She lifts her eyes to behold Him there
Kisses the feet blood-stained and bare
As life and love flow out of Him
Her voice rings out as light grows dim

Beautiful, beautiful baby boy
Sent to this world to bring us joy
Where is the glory, the victory?
Why have they taken this Child from me?
And His blood –drops mingled with her voice
Beautiful, beautiful baby boy

Beautiful, beautiful baby boy
A beauty that man will never destroy
As hatred wields its evil blow
Love replies in crimson flow
Here is grace and hope and joy

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

You are to name Him Jesus
for he will save the people
from their sins. Matt. 1:21

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