Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Snow Queen

She casts a frigid, heartless eye
On haunts of bloom and butterfly
Then, lest she change her icy mind
She dusts them with her crystal brine
And there preserved beneath her robe
The dreams of spring begin to grow

Perhaps in spite of all her chill
She really does not bid us ill
But knows that Heaven’s law is best
Field and flower must have its rest
So with a shawl of ice and snow
Nature sleeps while cold winds blow

She will not reign eternally
For spring remains her enemy
Her icy breath and frosty glance
Succumbs at last to spring’s soft dance
Though she may rage a little while
In winter’s cage I watch, and smile

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

It seems as if the snow queen woke up
this morning, realized it's December

One picture I took yesterday,
the other this morning....
Yesterday was lovely!

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