Friday, December 4, 2009

Do I See Him?

A misty splash of velvet glaze
Escapes the painter’s brush
Melting in a purple haze
Upon the morning hush
And as I stand in wordless awe
Bathed in daylight dim
Do I simply see the dawn?
Or do I see Him?

As duty calls my restless feet
And bids me cease my dreaming
Of shady haunts and lost retreats
And distant hills a-gleaming
A sigh escapes as I return
To duty’s flowing brim
But midst the dreams for which I yearn
Do I see Him?

As blacks and purples softly blend
In wisps of joy and sorrow
As heartache eases with a friend
And gives hope for tomorrow
Or as I pause at sunsets brink
With shadows growing dim
Do I simply pause to think?
Or do I see Him?

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Search me O God, and know
my heart.
Try me and know my thoughts. Ps.139:23

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