Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Is this really Christmas?

What is the meaning
Of all of the hustle
Shopping malls packed to the door
The air on the street
A frantic bustle
Of hunters for bargains galore
Instead of a smile
And a friendly greeting
It’s ‘hurry’ and ‘oh no, we’re late’
Then they begin running
As if competing
In some kind of Christmas race

Is this really Christmas
The hustling and bustling
To-do lists as long as our arm
Whatever happened
To create all this fussing
Where is the old-fashioned charm?
If Jesus is watching
And I know He is
Do you think He is sadly confused?
As we dash about
To make sure nothings amiss
His birthday is sadly abused

Have we in our folly
Sadly created
A misrepresentation of Him?
Have red men so jolly
And parties and presents
Replaced Jesus and Bethlehem?
Is this why Christmas
Is becoming ‘Happy Holiday’?
Because somewhere amidst
The parties and presents
The ‘Christ’ was taken away

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

The shepherds said to one another,
“Let’s go to Bethlehem and see
This thing that has happened
Which the Lord told us about!” Luke 2 :15 NIV

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