Monday, December 14, 2009

The Missing Piece/Peace

Even as I wandered up the busy street
With the sound of the snow crunching ‘neath my feet
With the colored lights twinkling from lamp post and tree
I felt something missing inside of me
My arms were aching as the bags I carried
Were growing heavier, so I began to hurry
Perhaps as I wrap them in green and red
I’ll feel the joy of Christmas, I said

But even as I said it deep down I knew
That the missing piece(peace), though hidden from view
Would still remain, like an inner haunting
Til the decorations and lights were like demons taunting
Me, as I vainly tried to ignore the pain
That the missing ‘peace’ created within
Wasn’t Christmas Season intended to be
A time of laughter and gaiety?

I was passing a church when through its door
The sound of singing began to pour
The tender voices of girls and boys
Swelled in a chorus of Christmas joy
I was drawn to the sound by an invisible chord
As they sang Happy Birthday to Christ the Lord
And I couldn’t stop walking til I knelt at the manger
Gazing into the face of a Heavenly Stranger

As I knelt there within the joy of their song
Suddenly I knew, He was there all along
Waiting, waiting for me to find Him….
I lifted my eyes to the children behind Him
From the mouths of babes to my foolish heart
Jesus revealed my missing part
For without Him our search cannot cease
Without Him there will always be…..

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Last night our Sunday School
Children performed a Christmas play
Entitled , The Missing Piece/Peace
They did a SUPERB job,
As with childish innocence they proclaimed
The Christmas truth!!!!

We found the play at
Originally entitled All I Want For
Christmas is....Jesus,
our very talented Sunday School Committee
'adjusted' some of it resulting in
The Missing Peace/Piece.
This is a play I would definitely recommend!

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