Saturday, December 5, 2009

If Memories Were Snowflakes

Snowflakes drift like tender memories
Past my window-pane
And if I could re-trace my steps
I’d re-live some again
But here and there a memory stings
Like dirt that’s in my eye
And I cannot forget it
No matter how I try

If regret was like a snowflake
It would simply melt away
And I would have no sorrow
To trouble me today
But we live with the consequence
Of every deed we do
And foolish, selfish action
Can create a bitter brew

Our actions are not snowflakes
Those simply melt away
Action comes with consequence
And memories that will stay
A moment, then a memory
That lingers on and on
Lord, help us to act wisely
Before this moment's gone

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

I guess I'm feeling nostalgic today......
Last night I was at our church to help
the youth decorate for their Christmas banquet tonight.
I couldn't believe how short the walk
is from youth to 'the old one'.
At midnight we finished! One of the guys
said, "Yeah!!! Now we can go and do some
playing!!! The work's done!" All I wanted to
do was get home to bed as fast as I could!!!!
It felt like such a short while ago that I left
that stage behind!!!!!! But oh, what a delight
it is to look back on treasured memories....
what pain is regret!
p.s. WE came up with a new slogan last night....

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