Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Dance

Once upon a greener day
We danced where dreams and daisies lay
Oblivious to eternal truth
Fleeting are the days of youth
But still we laughed in summer’s dance
Ignoring autumn’s furtive glance

Cast off the worry of tomorrow
Dance before your hour of sorrow
Youth is but a brief respite
Before life’s cold and bitter fight
Out upon the summer green
Dance, for Time is swift and keen

Fleeting moment in the sun
Summer soon like youth is gone
But the music soft and low
Keeps us humming as we go
We dance a little slower now
Yet it is just as sweet somehow

I will dance on winter’s snow
For in your eyes I see a glow
Then surely I can bear December
For within the smoldering embers
I still see the tender gleam
Of days gone by, as we would dream

Hold me close, our steps are slow
Soon across the green we’ll go
And we can dance eternally
With our soul and spirit free
Upon a fair and heavenly shore
Where time and age will be no more

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Now these three remain,
Faith, hope and love,
but the greatest of these is love.1 Cor. 13:13

...because God has said,
Never will I leave you,
never will I forsake you. Heb.13:5

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