Monday, December 7, 2009

Mom's Not Jolly Anymore

Mom’s not jolly anymore
I heard them state outside my door
She doesn’t laugh and joke as much
Or sing those silly songs and such
She smiles a little now and then
But it just isn’t quite the same….
She’s not as ‘crazy’ as before
Nope. Mom’s not jolly anymore

Mom’s not jolly anymore????
Their verdict I could not ignore
As I review my attitude
I concede, perhaps I am slightly subdued
As the duties of a mother and wife
And the cares of this earthly life
Seem a little heavier right now than before…
But…Mom’s not jolly anymore????

Am I wearing my cares upon my face?
Instead of leaving them in His tender embrace
Am I trying to carry it all inside?
Perhaps if so, I have denied
My precious troop of smile and song
Or patience when things turn out wrong….
I’m still the Mom I was before
Right? Am I not jolly anymore?

Lord, help me to be bright and cheery
Even when I’m tired and weary
Help me. In spite of life’s wee troubles
To remember that moments are brief as bubbles
Help me to trust and hold Your hand
Someday I know they’ll understand
Til then let me laugh, let it roll, let it roar
So they won’t say, “Mom’s not jolly anymore”

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Sometimes a child’s casual remark
and its time for some honest evaluating!

'out of the mouths of babes....'

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