Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Every Year

A smile, a song, a touch, a tear and here and there a sigh
And so it goes, another year so quickly passes by
A right, a wrong, and in between a moment in the sun
It seems another year is gone before it has begun

A life, a death, a brand new friend to help you on life’s way
A new beginning or the end…how do you view this day?
A chapter closed, a brand new sonnet waiting to be penned
The old, the new, a dance or two and this year too shall end

Love born, love lost, love tried or taken, oh what will it be?
Who will touch the flawless pages here in front of me?
A prayer, a plea, a whispered hope, upon this threshold here
A God who holds within his hand each and every year

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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