Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dog-poop Brownies

They look absolutely decadent
Rich, chocolate-y and sweet
Go ahead and take a big one
You deserve a special treat
But I feel I ought to warn you
As I see your hefty scoop
There’s a secret ingredient
Half a teaspoon of dog-poop

Compared to all the nuts and butter
The eggs and sugar too
Compared to all the yummy chocolate
In this sweet and sticky goo
There really isn’t any reason
That you should need to worry
What’s a little dog-poop
In a pile of chocolate glory?

In spite of my convincing
Politely you decline
They still look so inviting
But you say you’ve changed your mind
It seems my honest warning
Caused you to think again……
Well, the dog-poop in the brownie
Is like ‘just a little sin’

So if perhaps you’re thinking
That a little sin won’t hurt
That somehow you deserve it
Like a decadent dessert
I’m hoping you’ll remember
This story if you can
And just a little bit of ‘dog-poop’
Spoils the entire pan

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

This analogy was used by Dr. James Dobson.
I heard it years ago and never forgot it!
A little sin defiles the whole. He said to think about it...
does this make any sense???
"It's a good movie, hardly any swearing
and just a little bit of violence!"?

This is a comparison even children
can understand:):)

My sincere apologies if you find this
offensive, but I simply ask you,
Is there anything more offensive than SIN???

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Tim said...

That's very clever. I may need to read this poem at a Bible study sometime.