Friday, December 11, 2009

Before The Dawn

Before the first rosy hint of light
Fingers the charcoal veil of night
Before its soundless silver sigh
Breathes upon the eastern sky
While heavy lies the darkened fold
Of night; and eyes of young and old
Lay slumbering in brief respite
Before the softest kiss of light
Weaves the faintest, glimmering thread
To give us hope that night is dead…
A lone bird knows that dawn is nigh
Though still unspoken in the sky
She breaks the spell of purple tones
And in the darkest hour of dawn
Breaks forth in clear triumphant song
Knowing night will soon be gone….

Take courage then, my fellow-friend
The night is dark, but it will end
Though, through its veil we cannot see
And morning waits, a distant dream
Behind this heavy cloak of night
Awaits a glorious robe of light
And as we hear that lone birds song
We know the night will not be long
Soon its sorrow and its fear
Will be a distant memory here
Though eyes may search the eastern sky
We know the Dawning soon is nigh
As we join the lone bird’s tune
Reassured that very soon
The Son of everlasting light
Will break in triumph through this night

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

There will be no more night.
They will not need the light of a lamp
Or the light of the sun,
For the Lord God will give them light.
And they will reign forever and ever. Rev.22:5

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