Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thank-you Song

What a privilege, what a blessing
That we all could gather here
Listening to the poems and singing
Fills each weary heart with cheer
Friends and neighbors, teachers, children
Gathered here to celebrate
God of earth and God of heaven
He is good and He is great

He sent Jesus to a manger
To be born so long ago
But He needs not be a stranger
For this Jesus loves us so
As we listen(ed) to your program
We wish to say a big thank-you
To the teacher and the children
For the hard work that you do

So to Jesus up in Heaven
May we have a thankful heart
For the talents He has given
So we all can do our part
Never seeking selfish glory
Never seeking man’s vain praise
But to tell the greatest Story
And to serve Him all our days

Thank-you teachers, thank-you students
Thank-you helpful moms and dads
May God help us to be prudent
Serving Him with hearts so glad
May He bless each one who’s present
Be our light when Light is dim
May we thank Him for each blessing
As we seek to follow Him

-Janet Martin-
All Rights Reserved

My sister wondered if I could
write words to the tune of a familiar hymn,
so the parents could sing a thank-you song
to the students after the school Christmas concert.
This poem can be sung to the tune of
'Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing'.

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