Saturday, December 26, 2009


As you spoke, the restless wind
Drew your words
Into the night air
And they vanished…
Well chosen words, I must say,
Honestly kind,
But they hurt
And nowhere in
This silky silence
Remains a trace
Of their hopeless despair
As they slipped away….
Like you will, who spoke them
In your weakest, strongest moment
You decided to say
Oh, the stars twinkle,
I see their million sequins
As they delicately sprinkle
The dark blue velvet sky
Above us, and I try
To find a tiny trace
Of the words you spoke
And the tears on your face
But they have vanished
Into the night-sky
Whilst you and I remain
And must decide
What to do
With these kind and honest
Well-chosen words
That in your strongest, weakest
Hour you spoke
For they are lodged in our hearts

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin I couldn't wait til 2010....
anyone who writes knows what I mean:):)
You can't just turn it off!!!

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