Friday, December 4, 2009

What Money Can't Buy

Money can’t buy you a soft, tender whisper
Or the glow in loving eyes
It cannot purchase the music of laughter
Or sorrowful hugs of good-bye
Money can’t buy you the joy of a soul-mate
Or a fond, shared memory
Money is cold, so hard and unfeeling
Its love is our misery

Money will buy you things you can cling to
But in your darkest hour
No money can buy a heart of compassion
For money contains no power
To purchase the priceless, the untouchable
A heart that truly cares
And defends you with unwavering faithfulness
Money cannot answer prayers

Money can’t buy you hope or salvation
Oh the poorest of all must be
The soul who relies on the god of money
When the best things in life are free
Money can’t buy you forgiveness, redemption
Or a home in Heaven above
Money can’t buy you a friend when you’re lonely
For money cannot buy love

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

My heart breaks for Tiger Woods and his family.

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