Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Last Night.....

Last night, my dear you came to me
And things were like they used to be
There for a tender little while
Once again I saw your smile
As we walked in dewy bliss
Of dawn; where nothing was amiss
Or there to hinder the blue gaze
Of love in summer’s misty haze

We wandered in the garden fair
Where none but you and I were there
Upon its ivy wall we sat
As we’d recall our ‘this and that’
We basked beneath the willow tree
Content in silent reverie.....
Every dream may have its day
When I awoke you slipped away

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin 01/12/09

Lord, you know each one of my friends
who have lost their soul-mate.....
Sustain them Lord, until they meet again.

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