Monday, December 14, 2009

Only You

I didn’t see the red sun
Melt in ruby tones
Across the slumbering garden
Or the rosy cobble-stones
Its pure translucent fingers
Brushing every hill and vale
In soft pink, went unnoticed
As the moon, still white and pale

I didn’t hear the whisper
Of dusk in choral pines
Or the breezes as they murmur
And taunt the blushing vines
The rippling fields, though bathed
In softest crimson sheen
May as well have just remained
In mid-day evergreen

No, I didn’t see the earth transformed
Or feel its ruby breath
But I feel strong and loving arms
And I taste heaven on earth
My beloved is home at last
Oh, I see eyes of endless blue
Let the worlds around me pass
For I see only you

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Thinking of those who are anticipating
the home-coming of loved ones, for Christmas....
...also thinking of those who cannot see
there beloved ones this Christmas!

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