Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Heaven's Violin

In Heaven I’m not sure what I’ll do
While God greets the other guests
I’ll wander the streets of golden hue
In perfect pastures I’ll rest
And as I pause on the heavenly shore
Where crystal waters flow
I’ll praise my King forevermore
And there’s one thing I know……

There’ll be violins in Heaven
Sweet music they will play
Trickles of perfection
In a holy serenade
The angels in countless number
Will drink the music in
As we pause in wordless wonder
At heaven’s violin

Its melody soothes the traveler
Here on our weary way
It sets our feet a-dancing
And turns our night to day
Its soft strain melts our troubles
If just for a little while
And when I get to Heaven
I know that I will smile…..

‘Cause there’ll be violins in Heaven
They might be made of gold
And as we view the beauty
That has never yet been told
Over the hills and valleys
A serenade begins
And feet will start a-dancing
To Heaven’s violin

Oh, what a celebration
Some sweet day it will be
As every tribe and nation
Unites in victory
And as we join in chorus
I’ll wear a mile-wide grin
As we hear what God saved for us…..

All Rights reserved
Janet Martin

Scott, this one was inspired by
you and your band!!!! Thank-you!

I just got home from a Scott Woods show!!!!
What a talent…truly breath-taking!
Scott, when you read
‘In Search of Christmas Day’
It was more beautiful than I ever imagined….
as you concluded it with a beautiful
rendition of O, Holy Night

Thank-you! God Bless,
And Merry Christmas!

Beatty and Barb, I never would have heard
about Scott Woods in the first place
if not for your kind invitation!!!
Thank-you and God Bless You!

Matthew went to the concert with me...
The picture is Matt and I
with Scott and his sister Kendra,
who is also a very talented musician
and a big part of the show!!!

go to
and check it out!!
They may be coming to a town near you!!!

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