Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Do You Love Me?

I hold the elements of nature
Within my mighty Hand
The howling gale, the breeze's whisper
Both heed My command
I paint the canvas of the heavens
In a glorious Master-piece
I give breath to each thing living
Tell Me, do you love Me?

I form each tender little bloom
Caress the midnight hour
With twinkling star and silver moon
Transforming every flower
In shades of grey and silver-green
The lawn a rippling sea
Beneath the tranquil misty sheen
Tell me, do you love Me?

I am in December’s blast
Or vibrant shades of May
In butter-fly or lightening flash
In every shade of grey
I am in the morning splendor
And I ride upon the storm
As man and nature must surrender
To the power of my arm

I am in the hour of laughter
I am in the vale of tears
I am in the ever-after
In your joy and in your fears
I am wherever you are going
And wherever you will be
I am God; I am Love; All-knowing
Tell me, oh, do you love Me?

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

We are having our first blast of winter!!!
Snow, then freezing rain, then MORE snow!!!
I know,....we got off easy in November:):)
The kids are thrilled--first snow day! No School!

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