Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Name Above All Names

Do you ever hear a name that makes your heart skip a beat?
Or puts a smile upon your lips or music in your feet?
Does mentioning a certain name pierce to your inner-most?
Does it make you misty-eyed or longing for the past?
Oh, the mention of a name can bring us joy or agony
But there’s one Name which never disappoints, but sets us free

Cho. What do you feel when you hear His name-JESUS?
The Holy One, the Perfect Lamb-JESUS
Does it bring a joyful smile to your face?
As you hear the name of Amazing Grace-JESUS

Knowing someone gives a name some personality
When people hear my name I wonder what they think of me
But man-kind with its countless names will someday all depart
A name is just a name until connected to the heart
And then the sound of that dear name can thrill so very much
But there’s a timeless name which someday every heart will touch

Cho. It is a name above all other names-JESUS
Yesterday, today and forever the same-JESUS
Does His name bring fear or peace to your soul?
A name above all names as eternities roll-JESUS

It’s a name bringing freedom, love, joy, hope and peace
A name that reigns eternally with power that will not cease
Oh, when you hear this Name does it stir wonder in your heart?
As you cry Lord Jesus, Father, Savior, O, how great Thou art
It’s a Name above all names that loves mankind and frees us
Are you connected with this name above all names-IT’S JESUS

Cho. Repeat it, shout it, whisper it-JESUS
Sweeter and sweeter, our Savior is JESUS
Name above all other names evermore
Name above all other names we adore-JESUS

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

.....and you are to give Him the name JESUS.
He will be great and will be called
the Son of the most high. Luke1:31-32

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