Wednesday, December 9, 2009

August Fields

To August fields my dreams return
For just a little while
And for its dusty warmth I yearn
And for its sultry smile
The laughing breeze that stirs the sheaves
And ruffles fern and flower
Taunts the summer heart that grieves
For August’s pleasant hour

I long to roam the haunts again
Of butterfly and daisy
Dancing to the locusts strain
Where noon is warm and lazy
No more the effervescent sheen
Its skies are dusty blue
I revel in the golden-green
Of August’s misty hue

The subtle hint of summer’s fading
Whispers at my door
In spite of my utmost persuading
Its stealth I can’t ignore
And now across the frozen field
I view its snowy plain
Visualizing 'neath its shield
Sweet August fields again

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Yep! SOMEWHERE beneath the snow
I know its warmth remains
I'll dance the hazy girth I know
of August fields again.....
But now instead of locust tunes
A snow-plows vulgar sound.......
Time flies, so I know that soon
August will come around!

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