Friday, December 4, 2009

They've Never Heard.....

I prayed today and shed a tear
For all the precious children dear,
Who do not have or ever had
A home with both a mom and dad,
I prayed for those who’ve never heard
Of baby Jesus or God’s Word,
They’ve never been to Sunday school
Or once been taught the golden rule,
I shed a quiet tear today
For those who don’t know how to pray
Because their mother and their dad
Both grew up and never had
A home where family prayers were heard
Or Dad would read God’s Holy Word,
How can they teach what they don’t know?
Or offer hope for life below,
I wept for the neglected child
Who does not have a mother mild,
But oft must hide away in fright
And hear his mom and daddy fight,
I prayed for children of the world,
For every little boy and girl
Who lives each day without God’s hope,
And in this world begins to grope
In search for love that will endure,
For peace and joy safe and secure,
How cold is death, unyielding sod
If they have never heard of God,
Oh, who will break the hopeless chain?
Life after life, lived all in vain,
Without the hope in Christ alone
If they have never once been shown,
Oh, reach out to a child today,
So that none of them can say
No one ever said to me,
The love of Christ will set you free,
Oh, reach out to a lonely child,
For I say surely God has smiled
When someone tells them of His love
And points them to that Hope above,
Jesus love will break the chain,
But untouched it will remain
Until somebody sees the need
And plants within their hearts the seed,
Shows in loving deed and prayer
That God is love and He is there

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

So how can we cast stones at anyone,
young or old????????
So many have never heard!!

...if you confess with your mouth
"Jesus is Lord" and believe in your heart
that God raised Him from the dead
you will be saved. Rom.10:9

For whosoever shall call
upon the name of the Lord
shall be saved. Rom.10:13

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