Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Here Am I

Here am I with broken treasure
Scattered sadly at my feet
Here am I, it seems the pleasure
Of this world is bitter-sweet
For as I stand within your Presence
Shame fills my humble cry
“Lord, I’m a poor and foolish sinner
Will you use me, here am I

Here am I with empty riches
Of this world so sadly tarnished
All its promises of happiness
In misery have vanished
Lord, I don’t deserve Your mercy
And I really don’t know why
You say that You still love me
But You do, so here am I

Here am I, the words of Samuel
From a story long ago
Speak Lord, for your servant hears
Samuel knew You loved Him so
Here am I before the same God
Changeless through the course of time
As I bow before You, Jesus
Will You use me, here am I

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

....Then Samuel said, "Speak,for
your servant is listening. 1 Sam.3:10

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