Friday, December 11, 2009

These Are the Days

Strawberry jam artwork
On the counter and floor
Sticky red hand-print
On my freshly-wiped door
Toast crumbs and corn flakes
On the sole of my feet
What ever happened to
‘Nice and neat’?

The hamper has hatched
Dirty laundry it seems
I hear brother laugh
As his sister screams
There’s nothing to wear!
This is SO last year

Telephone rings
It’s not for me
The cookie jar’s empty
How can that be???
My clean, tidy kitchen
Is well, not anymore
And who dripped hot chocolate
‘Cross the kitchen floor?

These are the days
These are the years
These are the moments
I’ll recall with fond tears
Lord, help me remember
Midst the mess and the muddle
To thank You for the one
Who left a kitchen snow-puddle

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Friday is generally my ‘cleaning day’.
Today is another ‘snow day’
With everyone home, so it’s
More of a ‘cleaning up’ day 
Oh yeah!!!! These are the days….

The picture is not today...
that was last week when one
of the girls needed to cook supper
for a homework assignment.
The assignment included clean-up so
I tried to mind my own business!!!!

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