Thursday, December 31, 2009

Just Around the Bend

The soft, warm breath of spring-time
Is just around the bend
Its tender kiss upon the cheek
Is like a long-lost friend
It waits beyond the frozen field
As silently we yearn
And hope that winter’s chill will yield
To spring-times glad return

So lift your drooping shoulders now
And quell the restless sigh
The darkness of the winter-brow
Is quickly passing by
And soon the laughing breeze of spring
Will tame the frosty gale
Oh, do not cease to smile and sing
Spring waits beyond the vale

Not far beyond this border
Where roses never fade
We’ll dance in emerald meadows
And in gardens heaven-made
No winter lasts forever
Its solemn knell draws nigh
And just beyond the river
Is that spring-time in the sky

So what of muddy waters
They will run clear again
In crystal, gleaming rivers
Beyond this land of pain
It waits in grand perfection
Like a sweet and longing friend
Eternal spring and Heaven
Are just around the bend

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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