Wednesday, December 16, 2009


It’s born somewhere so deep within
A silent little chuckle
Until the humor makes us grin
And it begins to bubble
And we cannot contain it
So we simply let it roll
LAUGH; and don’t restrain it
Medicine for every soul

There is no sweeter music
Though you may search the world
Than the music God has placed
Within man, woman, boy and girl
For as it rings across the fields
And fills each hall and rafter
Saddened hearts are brightened
By the music of our laughter

Be it just a little snicker
Or a chuckle or a smile
Humor lights its flicker
And for just a little while
Sorrows are forgotten
Perhaps forever-after
As we hear it and join in
Healthy, hearty laughter

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Anyone with small children,
(or older ones) knows that God balances the
frustrations of parenting with
lots of opportunity for laughter,
as innocence and life meet!!!
I had such a moment yesterday morning....
minus the innocence on one party's part!!!

Brother had just proudly shown me his
basket-ball 'art'. I think he was
very pleased with the out-come, since drawing is not
his first love...basket-ball is one of them!
the next time we came to look at it SOMEONE
who loves drawing had embellished it a little
with an old lady and a triumphant beaver!!!!!
I couldn't help it...I roared! Even Matthew couldn't
help but laugh a clinched Melissa's sense of 'humor'
in a nut-shell....Guess who's the nut??:):)

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