Thursday, October 8, 2009

A World of Hurt

Lord, there’s a world of hurt out there
Where and how do we show them we care?
Care for wee babies, hungry, unfed
Care for their mothers, lonely, unwed
Care for the plight of weary old men
Out in the night with their bottle of gin
Lord, how can we show that we care?
He whispers, “Child, it begins with prayer”

Pray for each helpless boy and girl
Groping alone in a ruthless world
Pray for hearts, scarred with regret
For soul-mates who have never met
Pray for broken moms and dads
Yearning for the ‘could have hads’
Pray for victims of the deep
And for the tears their mothers weep

Pray for children of the night
Knowing only cold and fright
Pray for all their hurt and pain
For homeless hobos in the rain
Pray for the one whose given things
Without the joy that true love brings
Pray for each godless government
For the rich and discontent

Lord, there’s a world of hurt out here
Apart from you, a world of fear
Help us each in every day
To see a hurt in some small way
Open up our down-cast eyes
Tune our ears to hear their cries
Teach us how to show we care
As we lift them up in prayer

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Brothers, pray for us. 1 Thess. 5:25

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