Sunday, October 25, 2009

Day of Rest

It seems we live in a world today
Of twenty-four seven, full speed
A day of rest, what’s that, they say
Not something that we need
And it’s considered such a waste
To take a break from busy haste
But God, I think Your plan is best
You knew we’d need a day of rest

You are the breath of all creation
Lord, it took six days
For You to speak all things into being
In Your mysterious ways
And You, oh God, our all in all
Set the example before The Fall
The seventh day you knew t’was best
That it should be a day of rest

And on the seventh day You rested
No lengthy to-do list
No plans for duties of the next week
Or the catch-up tasks You missed
But this, a day for all mankind
To refresh both body and mind
God, I’m glad You knew t’was best
That man should have a day of rest.

All Rights Reserved
-Janet Martin- on the seventh day
He rested from all His work. Gen.2:2

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