Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sons, be kind to your Mothers

Dear sons, be kind to your mothers
They love you so very much
Make sure your words are gentle
And loving is your touch
For you may search the whole world through
But you will find no other
To match the depth of love for you
Like that of your dear mother

I know she isn’t perfect
But she does the best she can
She’s just a human mother
Trying hard to raise a man
Love her and forgive her
If she mistakes your needs
She loves as if she’ll answer
For your choices and your deeds

She’ll love you son, forever
In spite of your mistakes
She forgives your error
Though sometimes her heart may break
Be kind sons, to your mothers
For until that Home above
You will never find another
Who will match your mothers love

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

My son, hear the instruction of the father
and forsake not the law of the mother. Prov.1:8

Thank-you Matthew, for being a kind son.
God bless you.

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