Friday, October 30, 2009

Blood, Sweat and Tears

Do you ever ask yourself, is it really worth your while
As you strain through the torment of another mile
Is there really a pay-off at the other end?
Or just a hill or another bend
Ah, yes someday it will be worthwhile
As we cross the finish-line of the last mile
It’s hard now, I know, but we’ll keep our eyes
Fixed on the eternal prize

Was it worthwhile, dear Jesus for You?
As You look down on this sin-cursed view
As You wept and prayed in agony
With sweat-drops as blood in Gethsemane
Was it worth it all? For I don’t understand
Your love imprinted on nail-scarred hands
Your gift, so free to this human race
So hopelessly lost without your grace

So, I ask again, is it worth our while?
The blood, sweat and tears of another mile
As I think of God’s great sacrifice
My greatest offering is a pitiful price
Blood, sweat and tears are given in return
For a love we can never begin to earn
But His love puts a purpose in every mile
Thank-you Jesus, You’ve made it worthwhile!!!!

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

So do you ever REALLY NOT feel like going on that walk, or run
Or doing your workout????? But after you do it you say
‘YES, that is so worth the effort!!
I feel GREAT!!!!’
Do you think that’s what we’ll say when this ‘race’ is over??/
YES!! That was SO worth the effort!!! I feel GREAT and
Let’s ‘keep on keeping on’

Therefore…..let us run with patience the race that is set before us.Heb.12:1

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