Thursday, October 1, 2009

Something Special

It was something special
As I held it in my hand
Examining it carefully
I knew it was grand
And no one in the whole wide world
Had ever given me
Such a precious, priceless gift
As I held it lovingly

Did I become careless
As I held it in my hand?
Or did I in a weak moment
Place it in the sand
How did it get tarnished?
My sweet, special prize
Lay trampled and broken
Before my eyes

It was something special
There never will be
Another quite like it
In this world for me
It IS something special
Worth tears and trouble
As I pick up each piece
Of broken rubble

It IS something special
I will take the chance
With persistence and patience
Someday we will dance
It is something special
I clasp near my heart
And I’ll work ‘til I’ve mended
Each broken part

God, will you help me
With each broken part?
For You are the Healer
For each broken heart

All Rights Reserved

He hath sent me to heal
the broken-hearted...Luke 4:18 KJV

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