Monday, October 5, 2009

To Poet's

They read our words then walk away
Back to their work and back to their play
Back to the things they were going to do
Before they paused to read this through
Does anything we write make them think
As we pour out our hearts with pen and ink?
Can human heart ever be stirred
If it is untouched by written word?

Do you vow some days to put down your pen
And never pick it up again?
Vanity, vanity, the preacher said
Is it all vanity? Each tear we shed
As we pour out our hearts and minds
Arranging them in simple lines
Is it all vanity? All for naught
Quickly read and then forgot?....

….we read His word then walk away
Back to our work or back to our play
Back to the duties that seem to bind us
Back to a life that is willing to blind us
When we read do we stop to think
As God poured out his heart with ink?
For how can any heart be stirred
If it’s untouched by His written word?

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