Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Endless as a Summer Sky

It’s like a clear, blue summer sky
It’s like a flowing prairie
A silver cloud that passes by
To burst in golden memory
As sunset turns the blues to gold
And prairie greens are tarnished
So are dear memories that I hold
And carefully have garnished

Oh, can I not bid time to cease
Until its wealth I’ve garnered?
Then perhaps I’d watch in ease
Within a pleasant corner
And I could print each minute
Upon my memories pages
So I could revel in it
Far on down the ages

I watch the young lad as he dreams
Of being a grown man
And, as if being urged it seems
Too soon he’s crossed that span
Until he too must turn and sigh
To ask, where has time gone?
He longs to halt the years that fly
Too swiftly one by one

I treasure every passing day
As I’m forced to release them
For they must pass down history’s way
Where not one hand can seize them
And as I look to future quests
I’m comforted inside
To know that soon these trivial tests
In silence will abide

As endless as the summer sky
As endless as the prairie
Or as mysteries that still lie
In unlived phantom memory
God above, please hear my prayer
Grant me one small request
Before this day is buried there
Help me to do my best

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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