Friday, October 9, 2009

Heaven's Serenade

Hark, can you hear it?
Borne on the breeze
Rustling the cornfields
Brushing the trees
Rippling the waters
Touching my cheek
Heavenly music
Subtle and sweet

Wait, can you hear it?
Soft breath in your ear
Whispers from Heaven
Tender and dear
In every rainbow
In each little flower
Wait, do you hear it?
Infinite power

Hush, do you hear it?
Silent reflection
Tuning our heart-strings
To Heaven’s perfection
Written in scarlet
At Calvary
A holy love song
For you and me

Oh, do you hear it
Like a soft violin
Trickles of mercy
Let His song in
Oh, do you hear it?
His sweet serenade
A holy love song

All Rights Reserved

Janet Martin

Jesus said, "It is finished", John 19:30

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